Make it BIG with Video Games!

"Video games are the BIGGEST thing this year..."
Got game? For anyone who has ever picked up a controller, it's become very apparent 
that video games have come a long way from being a niche hobby for nerds. These days, 
everyone's playing! It's the biggest form of entertainment in the world, it’s jammed packed 
with hungry buyers and it's growing fast because the demand is HUGE. People enjoy the 
ease of purchasing video games and that's a great way to build a revenue stream. 

   Newbie or not, this is the perfect niche to get into and make money online.

The only problem with video games is that you are heading into uncharted seas 
without a compass or a map, and only a rough idea of what to expect. Without 
a good website, it can be a wild ride and take up lots of time to be successful in 
the video game niche. Plus you constantly have to be up to date with the latest 
games and consoles and write your own content regularly.

I mean, when was the last time that a new Call of Duty video game was released and 
not millions of sales followed, pulling in thousands for affiliates. Everyone is trying to get 
a piece of that cake and starting a blog with little to no content doing all the work and 
reviews yourself is way beyond saturated.

Let's say you write one video game review taking a few hours to complete. Sure, you 
have one review promoting one video game after hours of work but what about about 
efficiency? What if you could instantly have hundreds or even thousands of video games
to promote, without having to do any work? How far would you scale your business? 

Well what if there was a way to get the whole cake and rake in a fortune as an 
affiliate with YOUR OWN Video Game Store that digs through the industry online
and uncovers all the latest and best-selling games people are searching for?

GameClone Script


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Originally Posted by wickedsam View Post
My Fellow Warriors,

I've put this new product through it's paces, and I can tell you... IT'S AMAZING!!!!!

In my opinion it is far superior to the first Game Clone Script he released way back. Even though that still is a BRILLIANT cash cow in its own right, in MY opinion this is far superior because it is Wordpress based.

That means it's more search engine friendly, can be tweaked to your liking more easily, and the use of additional plugins can take it to a whole new level.

Also it's themed the same as his other clone sites, which to me is the biggest DRAWCARD... it means I can use all of his scripts and shuttle customers from one site to the other while maintaining the same look.

You have the choice of making this script a megasite covering all Game categories, or you can make as many highly NICHE game sites as you like.

You can use 9 Amazon locals: USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Spain, Italy, France, Japan, or China. (Picking one of these and buying an appropriate top level domain will give you EXTREME ranking power..)

For further Niching, you can choose between 40 categories, 9 product platforms, 17 product brands, and 3 product types.

You also have many other options which you can tweak and target to optimize the feel and monetization of your site.

If Coolice keeps on like this, I will be nominating him for the unofficial "Nobel Prize in Internet Marketing".

That's all for now, buy it, and trust me... this is amazing.


ps: Oh, and his support is UNBELIEVABLE. (Seriously, you won't believe it)

Originally Posted by rha View Post
I have decided to make another stop on this thread because I know other Warriors are browsing.I bought my game clone as soon as it was available at 8.00AM and thanks to Coolice, lightning fast courteous support it isalready up and running. Now I am branding it to fit my own strategy and to position it.
Why should you be buying this WSO?
Why you should not?

Why should you buy: Coolice has made money for many years online. He is a professional marketer. I realize I don't know everything (don't get too excited no one does) but I have yet to see a clone store at this price point that comes with all the features and additional marketing courses reports that you can implement for all your marketing needs. Coolice clone stores are business in a BOX.

This is not just your EVERYDAY WSO. This is your franchise without the entry cost usually apply to them to enter a multibillion dollars industry!!!!!!!! [not spam] lol
Seriously do you realize the opportunity? Amazon wants you to promote their products so you can promote away. My clone sites all are on the first page of Google for crazy key words. The secret? The tones of content in the store is one. Another secret?
Google will love you. Video Game Clone use Youtube videos. Expect your clone store to rank fast and higher than any script you bought from Coolice without the Youtube video included.

The exception: This is not a get money quick loophole scheme. if you are thinking that uploading your store and forget about it will do the trick I doubt anything will happen. Just like any site you MUST promote THE RIGHT WAY but here you have an opportunity to actually promote something people want so use the material Coolice provides at no additional cost to get your game up and become the big marketer with huge monthly income you deserve to be. Either you buy this WSO today or not people will make huge money with this. This is a no brainer.
I know I am going to work this like gold on a plate
"A product is only good as the customers service that comes with it" May I add and the bonuses that comes with it to help you succeed.

5 stars WSO Coolice *****

Have a terrific day-

Originally Posted by michael44a View Post
Get on the Bandwagon with Game Clone. This is another smashing hit from Coolice!

Don't you all want in on the Billion Dollar Video Game Market?

And never worry about support! Coolice delivers the best support and delivers his support in a timely manner! (Even if you delete a page from your website! Opps! My Bad! Sorry Coolice, I'll try not to do it again! LOL)

GAME CLONE is a 5 STAR Web Store! Looks Great and easy for your customers/buyers to navigate and find what they are looking for!

I can't wait to start promoting my site. A Big Thumbs up from me and a beaming smile too!

Reno, NV

Originally Posted by gooma2 View Post
I've never seen such thorough customer service for a product on here as Coolice, but if there's an issue he's relentless on getting to the bottom of it and getting it fixed.

That alone is worth the price of his killer scripts and now I can't wait for the next one. I'm onboard already!

Originally Posted by kobesmomma View Post
This is awesome! I am far from being a techie, and I’ve never had as little trouble with this product as I have in the past. I almost ALWAYS get hung up on some confusing instruction but yours are clear and concise. It took me longer to set up my A-store than it did to install this whole site! Thanks for making it so easy!

Originally Posted by ugenie View Post
Coolice's work is excellent! I own all of his products and can't wait for the next one tomorrow. I have never had a problem as Coolice stands 100% behind each and very product....He is never more than an email away to answer all your questions...

Originally Posted by wezeblue View Post
I was on the Early Bird list for Game Clone, so I bought it straightaway. I also bought Kindle Store Clone and Music Clone.

These stores are professionally built, updated for you and all you have to do is promote them. And Coolice gives the best service EVER! If you email him with ANY problem, he answers practically right away.

He also gives you lots of reports to help with promotion and traffic. This WSO is a complete no-brainer. Buy it now...get in on some of the Christmas action. I hesitated last year and kicked myself. This IS a "business-in-a-box".

5 * to Coolice and his incredible product!

Originally Posted by fastcooler View Post
Well, I have to say thanks to Coolice because he is able to provide an incredible support to customers!

One of the best support I ever received, indeed.

Game Clone is a very powerful script, based on Wordpress and it is an extra warranty for you: infact you can add tons of plugins and Google loves WP websites!

It is the first time that I use Amazon Affiliate Program, so I still don't know if I will have good revenues, but I am absolutely confident that I will get, thanks to this Coolice's great script!

So no doubts: this is one of the best WSO of the year 2012!

Originally Posted by nnyorker View Post
Simply amazing service. Within 30 minutes Coolice had my installation complete and my site up and running! I barely had enough time to drink a cup of coffee and he was emailing back telling me installation was complete. This is one of the reasons why I have purchased every product in his line so far...not only does the quality exceed expectations...the service does as well. Thanks Coolice!!

Originally Posted by Marshallartes View Post
Coolice, as always your products are tops! Could not wait to purchase! I have yet to be disappointed with anything purchased from you. The work you have put into each product is top notch like no other I have ever seen in niches like these. Real Internet Academy Award material Anyone who passes this by, is, as they say, leaving money on the table! Looking forward to the next and the next and the next! Your continued support is always more then well appreciated!
you have a firm friend and supporter in me... In case you didn't know
Thanks so much for your time creating these exceedingly great products
Love Ya!

Originally Posted by ugenie View Post
Wow, thanks Coolice. What a treat! I purchased this morning and within minutes you had my site up and working perfectly....thanks for all your A+++ support every time i need anything....

Originally Posted by dadhere View Post
The support I've receive from Coolice and his team has always been prompt and professional. The only thing better were the results. Solid products with great support.

Looking forward to this one!

Originally Posted by biguchi View Post
Coolice and his team are great and offer the best service on the Warrior Forum. Their products are wonderful. I am glad to be part of the Coolice GameClone partners. Bob I

Originally Posted by catbert View Post
Just purchased - already have both Coolice's software and Kindle book software and both are excellent products. Also, his support is outstanding. I highly recommend!

Originally Posted by teach108 View Post
I am new in IM and Coolice has installed the software for me, very prompt and professional. The product is great and I am looking forward to start using it. I am impressed by Coolice's support and appreciate a lot his professionalism. Thank you very much for your help.


Originally Posted by masterwolf View Post
Absolutely awesome product! This is my first step into the IM World. The script installed in only a few minutes. (Hint, Do not use FREE hosting, Buy a Good host!) Godaddy rocked for me!

And Coolice offered great tech support when I had a question!

Thanks Coolice!

Originally Posted by chippe View Post
Easy to see why this offer is WSO of the day - awesome site. Coolice provides incredible customer service as well, over-delivering courteous and efficient. Five star rating. Thanks.

Originally Posted by ebusiness View Post
Yea Coolice, you are an out of the box original thinker and great creator of tools we can all use to make bank in the internet marketplace. I will definitely jump on this one and ride it till the wheels come off.


Originally Posted by omenwolf View Post
I'm not really even interested in reading the sales page.
Just put the 'buy now' button up!

Originally Posted by Marian View Post
This is great stuff again! The part that took me the longest time was uploading The site looks amazing! And it's on WordPress!

Thanks a lot,

Originally Posted by cow1981 View Post
this wso guy is the best he so looked after me i cannot recommend him enough did all the work for me from time of buying to set up arount 90 minutes even with my set up i screw he got onto it and fixed in ten minutes please support this man his products are the real thing his service is second to none

Originally Posted by rha View Post
Yes I am in (((( love what I have seen)))It does blend and the new features will deliver on the promise to reaching an hungry group for video games worldwide. Absolutely an affiliate Game changer - NICE

Originally Posted by atnet View Post
Thanks Coolice, I purchased today and within a few minutes you had my site up and running. I have all your Clone sites so no hesitation about GameClone. Greate service, thanks...

Originally Posted by zenglenn View Post
Domain is bought and ready to rock. Coolice is a great at responding quickly to support requests. thanks zenglenn

Originally Posted by GerryUsselman View Post
Coolice is Awesome! He has been very responsive and helpful.... He even uploaded my Game site and it ROCKS! Amazon is the giant in retail and I'm super excited to become an associate. I WILL be purchasing other Clone sites from Coolice!

Originally Posted by vnp007 View Post
Hi coolice,
How can you be so quick? I am really surprised by the way you handle your customers. I am really shocked to see that After ordering my site, I got everything installed within just 30 minutes, WOW. you're really a genius. I have seen that sometimes when we order for any famous WOTD from here, the seller is so overwhelmed that he needs some time to simply answer the PMs, but here. you did it very quickly. I recommend any product from coolice to all because he has one of the greatest customer services.
Thanks a ton.

Originally Posted by stody View Post
Hi Coolice,
didn't wait for a second to get your new Game Clone! Got your other "Clones" and they work fine! Also your support is fast and effective! What comes next? ;o)
Thanks a lot for this new product!

Originally Posted by rha View Post
Just bought at 8:00AM on the DOT. Time to setup and send this automated "Beast of a Video Game Script by Coolice" out on it's way!

Originally Posted by Bestcat View Post
Thank you so much Coolice for your superb customer support. I contacted you yesterday and within a very short time I had a brilliant website up and running - all thanks to you!
I shall be watching for your next release and won't have to think twice about getting it!

Originally Posted by Silver Natural 9 View Post
Hello everyone, I just wanted to add my testimony for GameClone to this thread. GameClone is an insta-business. It looks smart and it is "New-IM'er & Technology-Challenged Friendly". The webstore is automated and takes care of itself, you just concentrate on growing it and marketing it.

With the whole world going online to shop for all the regular stuff and not just the "How to make piles of cash" reports, rare is the day you don't hear some brick and mortar retailer gnashing teeth about online stores- at least that is how it seems to be in Queensland, right Gerry?

You'd be mad not to snap this up if you are new to IM. As for me? In the world of internet marketing kung-fu, I'd be classed as a wooden dummy- yet I am learning so much about IM through these establishment phases.

Finally and most importantly: the support for this product is tip top. It's a fact- all the posts in this thread testifying to the awesome support were what gave me - a wooden dummy, the confidence to get this product and give it a go.

It is a V-franchise you can snap up for chump change, the 'commercial real estate' leases are a lot cheaper on the internet and your staff are a series of 1's and 0's that work for nothing.

I say to anyone reading this that has never made one red cent off the internet: This is as good as it gets- get this or get out of here!

Good fortune everyone,


Originally Posted by nikura View Post
Hi Coolice,

For a newbie you have provided an awesome product with equally incredible support. You had my website up and running within hours that would have taken me days/weeks to complete.
Definitely worth the investment and I look forward to purchasing any other products you create in the future.

Thank you

Originally Posted by stephenclarke View Post
This guy by the name of Coolice, is one of the best people I have ever purchased any products from on the forum. The Game Clone is absolutely amazing, his customer service is by far the best I have experienced yet in internet marketing. I highly recommend his products..I'm looking forward to buying the other sites he has as well.. Awesome job !

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